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It's here , the GRASSHOPPER, miniature disposable motion detector that can be worn like a broach or quickly stuck to most walls, doors, and windows to covertly detect movement through them.


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Critical Path Design Sciences, Certified Federal Government Contractor - DUNS #121818426
Licensing available. Special packages for Military, Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies.

New Products using New Technology available nowhere else. Personal RADAR for distances of arms length to a half mile.

New Features -

Triggers alarm in computer when walking is recognized.
Motion detection through most doors, walls and foliage.
Across-the-Road Angle compensation.
Saves to Excel-compatible file.

If it moves, RADAR PC can detect, display, trigger alarms, and record its velocity data. Since all movement by living creatures is behavior, that movement can be detected, displayed, characterized, recognized, and trigger alarms both auditory and visual, and may be optionally recorded.

Why would one want this? It is like extra sensory perception. Know if anyone or any vehicle enters your neighborhood or property and record this activity on a PC. Doppler illuminators have been available for 25 years but have not found their way into consumer products because of the complex signal processing needed to make them useful. With the advent, in recent years, of high speed Personal Computers, the power of high speed signal processing has made it possible to use these low cost devices to give one the power to detect motion at great distances with a computer. Know if anyone, animal, or vehicle is approaching or leaving nearby (300 meters) without even leaving one's bed in the middle of the night even in bad weather. What is it worth to know and record if anyone is moving inside most buildings a few hundred feet away.

Detect movement from a gnat in a jar to a train, ship, aircraft, river, ice flow, or rain and anything or animal in between in size.

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