There has been much said and done in the past 2 decades concerning Artificial Intelligence. The largest and most successful computer companies have spent Billions of Dollars attempting to duplicate or mimic human intelligence with computer science. Not much has come about of any practical significance other than better programming languages and tools. Here lies the point of this writing.


The general public realizes that crime and war are a significant factor in our lives. We strive to at least keep these happening at a distance. We all want to be safe in our home and effects, yet many of us are victimized by criminals and, on a global sense, victims of war. The soldier in the field, first responders, and the home owners all need to be safer. The number one tool of safety is perception. Our senses keep us safe.


Perception is the safety tool. Perception allows us to respond to danger. However, there are dangers that reach out from beyond our perceptions that may be perpetrated by criminals, terrorists, and combatants.


The Military calls methods of concealment, defilade. Anytime someone plans to intrude into your personal space, the intruder must first approach to enter your space. Defilade is not a factor. The perpetrator must approach. This behavior is the key to prevention. If a computer can reliably detect the approach of a potential perpetrator or combatant, then sound an alarm alerting the user of the approach, prevention is the result. Military can use this to detect combatant’s approach and first responders may use this to enhance situational awareness.


Human and animal perception of danger is subjective. Using sight and hearing, along with recognition of danger are the perceptual tools to alert an individual of danger or at least the possibility of danger. What if a computer could do the same thing using RADAR?


This is ARTIFICIAL PERCEPTION©. Using Doppler RADAR in a unique way along with clever programming, RADAR PC© may detect and alarm the user of the approach of humans at distances beyond sight and hearing.


Without any specifics, RADAR PC© processes velocity in a spatial array. This array eliminates most of the unwanted interference from rain and moving foliage, RADAR PC© detects human movement. The velocity detection array is subsequently processed in the computer to trigger on walking. Perpetrators and combatants cannot approach without walking.