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My name is Jay Salsburg. The path of developing this new and emerging technology into practical products began in the late 1970s when I purchased a Home Security System using Doppler Radar for detecting motion. This device failed as a security system because it would falsely trigger on movement of large targets outside the house such as rain and trucks. At the time I bought this product, personal computers cost thousands of dollars and were uselessly slow for signal processing which is the key technology bridging the void between an unintelligent Doppler Radar Illuminator and a practical and affordable product for Personal security.


You have seen weather radar that warns of storms. On boats, ships, and aircraft, you have seen navigation Radar. They deal with hazards beyond sight and hearing. These products do a good job for their particular niche application.


Critical Path Design Sciences applies Radar creating new personal safety products. Applying 21st Century devices advanced from those first produced in the 1970s now to modern electronics and computer signal processing creates an effective product promising what that original device in 1977 promised but highly magnified in usefulness and utility. This allows Radar to be used in closer spaces in which people move and reside.


SENTRY PROBE is a stand-alone product offering the user a portable means without the need of a computer to detect motion from arms length to the extents of an airport.


RADAR PC and its siblings; RADAR PDA, and RADAR MAC; use computers to highly amplify the effectiveness and utility of low power Doppler Radar devices for personal use. RADAR NET is a server for RADAR PC through which motion may be monitored through networks and the Internet for remote sensing. The mouse is a computer peripheral, RADAR PC is a computer peripheral to display, alarm, and record movement in your immediate and remote environment.