MPEG videos.

Sentry Probe Demonstration video click here

Sentry Probe Video - The new rugged production model demonstrates detection of unobstructed movement more than 10 meters away. Notice that when I stop moving the beeping stops. This will work the same in complete darkness through most walls.


Sentry Probe Demonstration video click here


Sentry Probe Video - At my R&D warehouse I placed the new design on the outside wall, stepped inside the steel door and closed it leaving the unit outside. If you listen carefully you can hear beeping as I move behind the wall with the door closed. Obviously being outside with the unit the beeping would be heard very well. This demonstrates that it is not possible to move behind the door without detection by anyone outside. This would also work in reverse, alerting those inside that there is movement outside the door. Movement is detected by RADAR and is not limited by temperature, day or night, or what is moving. By placing the unit in a window pointing it in the direction of interest, no one would be able to approach closer than 15 meters without detection. The battery operating the unit will operate it for 24 hours before needing recharge. Recharge takes 15 minutes. A freshly charged battery can be swapped in 3 seconds. Optional chargers for automobiles are available. The unit may also be operated by the automobile battery and optionally a power supply that plugs into household power for continuous operation.

Sentry Probe Demonstration video click here


Sentry Probe Video - Inside my Lab I placed the unit on the floor and closed the inner door. This is a thin door and allows detection of any slight movement. Again the unit is behind the door so listen carefully. This demonstrates that it is not possible to move behind the door without detection.

Sentry Probe Demonstration video click here

Sentry Probe Video - Sensing movement through walls at a distance. No computer needed. This is a stand-alone high power prototype.
The first scene shows the illuminator from a distance. It is near the street. The scene pans to the right showing the wall at which the dish is pointing. The next scene shows the dish from behind showing the wall at which the dish is pointing, about 15 meters away. The following scenes demonstrate the sensitivity of SENTRY PROBE to movement inside the building, behind walls and closed doors. The audio from SENTRY PROBE is wired into the room where the movement is being recorded for the sake of this video. Normally the audio would be monitored at the illuminator site unless the illuminator is intentionally being used for remote sensing. Small foot and hand movement is detected and reported as pulse noises, any movement in the beam occurring inside the building is unmistakably reported with absolute infallibility. The video recording moves behind the next subsequent wall inline with the illumination beam. The muted audio is heard coming from the next room behind the closed door. The Doppler RADAR is penetrating an outer wall and an inner wall in the house. The sensitivity is reduced but movement is still reliably reported by SENTRY PROBE. The typical application would be a user from the street sweeping the building with SENTRY PROBE listening on headphones for hidden activity. This would allow the user to pinpoint the occupant's position and level of activity in the building of interest. Ever-vigilant, SENTRY PROBE may be used to arouse the attention of the user only when movement occurs along the illumination beam (Line of Departure), acting as an alarm or enunciator. The illuminator may be unfocused for close-in-wide-area monitoring or like the reflector does for the bulb in a flashlight, mounted on an inexpensive dish for narrow-field, hightened-sensitivity, long distance probing allowing penetration of most foliage, walls, windows, and doors.

Sentry Probe Walking Demonstration video click here

Sentry Probe Video - Sensing movement from a distance of 200 meters. No computer needed. This is a stand-alone high power prototype using a small dish reflector.
The subject of interest is seen standing still and then walking first away then toward the line of departure. The sound reported by SENTRY PROBE emanates from a speaker 15 meters from the CamCorder. Notice there is no sound when there is no movement. The sound starts and stops, reporting the movement of the subject of interest with absolute fidelity. Notice nearby the trees are moving but not reporting it as audio. The user would typically use this to alarm or enunciate movement from a distance along the Line-of-Departure. The final scene shows a zoom-out demonstrating the relative distance of the dish to the subject of interest. This technique may be used in complete darkness and remotely both in a portable temporary situation, or as a permanent setup for monitoring fixed facilities and areas of interest, giving the user absolute confidence of any movement along the Line of Departure.

Sentry Probe Demonstration video click here

Sentry Probe Video - The first image shows the control unit. Very easy to operate. Bench top prototype.
From left to right, Power Switch - Signal Gain - Output Frequency Vernier - Illuminator Input - Audio Output
Next the Illuminator is seen in a blue bag. The Illuminator is connected through a cable drapped through the door for the convenience of making this video. Normal operation: the Illuminator and the control unit physically together or operating remotely for monitoring at a distance, fixed to a pole or robot.
Inside a warehouse a steel door is seen closed.
Behind the door the audio can be heard as footfalls are seen approaching the closed door.
Notice the subject's foot movement is reliably detected moving behind the door through the wall. The Illuminator is penetrating the wall beside the steel door. A conventional non-steel door would be easily penetrated. SENTRY PROBE reliably penetrates 4 inches of solid wood together with dry wall and insulation. Motion detection may be accomplished anywhere in the entire house or apartment if the Illuminator is placed in the window. Depending on the Illuminator, its frequency, together with an appropriate reflector, SENTRY PROBE can detect movement through most doors and walls from a distance.

Trigger Demonstration video click here

RADAR PC Trigger Video - The vertical red line popping up on the left is RADAR PC triggering on the velocity of walking. The two sliders are adjusted to effectively trigger on walking.
The audio is a mix of the computer's alarm sound and the original Velocity Stream.
The Velocity Stream audio is an option selected for this demonstration and is not a usual option, at least not this loud, when RADAR PC is being used for a security alarm.
The alarm is triggering on a person approaching the Illuminator from 50 to 40 meters. Notice the alarm synchronizing with the Gait rhythm.

Gait Demonstration video click here

RADAR PC Gait Video - The subject walking away from the Illuminator is reliably triggering RADAR PC. If the Illuminator were placed on the ground, the triggering effect would be much more pronounced. The feet move faster than any other part of the body when walking. The alarm and velocity stream are audible in the video.

Gait Demonstration 2 video click here

RADAR PC Gait Video - The person walking away from the Illuminator is triggering RADAR PC from 200 meters. The subject is being Illuminated from an angle across the road. When the subject passed behind the car seen on the left of the video, he was out of contact with the Doppler RADAR. When he emerged on the other side, he triggered RADAR PC as demonstrated in the this video. (The subjects walking away are to protect their identity.)

Speed Determining Demonstration video click here

Speed Determining Video - The truck is approaching from 100 meters. Its speed is precisely indicated and recorded with 1/10th MPH resolution and accuracy. Recent speeder's history are indicated directly to the left of the real-time trace.

Speed Determining Demonstration 2 video click here

RADAR PC Speed RADAR video - The Minivan speeds away from the illuminator. RADAR PC reliably records and displays the Minivan breaking the speed limit at 28 MPH. This display has 1/10th MPH resolution.

Rain Demonstration video click here

RADAR PC Rain Video - During a rain storm RADAR PC reliably measures the speed of an automobile passing more than 300 meters away. The rain and auto can be seen on the display and heard in the audio. The wind blew the rain at more than 10 MPH which is characterized by the peaks crossing the 10 MPH line on the display.