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These are some of my recordings/Covers:   These are recordings of some of my Live Engineering:

Good Day Sunshine, Beatles

In My Life, Beatles

Glass Onion, Beatles

Because, Beatles

A Salty Dog, Procol Harum

California Dreamin', The Mamas and the Papas

Once Upon a Dream, Disney

I Can't Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt

Adagio in G Minor: Tomaso Albinoni - Remo Giazotto

Kashmir: Led Zeplin

Melancholy Theme: Jay Salsburg

No More Lonely Nights: McCartney -
New Version recorded 09/21/2012

Lotus Feet: Mahavishnu Orchestra

Golden Slumbers: Beatles

Pure Imagination: Willy Wonka

You Won't See Me: Beatles

The Meeting: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

Night Before: Beatles

All by Myself: Eric Carmen

I'm Not in Love: 10CC

Utopia Theme: Todd Rundgren

Then You Look at Me: Celine Dion

Still You Turn Me On:Emerson Lake and Palmer

Your Loving Flame: McCartney

C'mon People: McCartney

Yesterday: McCartney

Something: Beatles

Fixing a Hole: Beatles

Things We Said Today: Beatles

I Call Your Name

Rules Don't Apply: Cover from the Movie

Within You Without You: George Harrison

Girl: Lennon-McCartney

Hey Bulldog: Lennon-McCartney

RAIN: Lennon-McCartney

Love Song: Adel

Mascagni Intermezzovla

Ender's Promise: Steve Jablonsky

They Won't Go When I Go: Stevie Wonder

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word: Elton John

Theme to SkyFall (James Bond Movie): Adele

Watching and Waiting: The Moody Blues

Summerspace2: Gershwin in SpaceSynth

Summerspace: Gershwin in Space

Star Trek Voyager Theme

You Raise Me Up:
Composers: Rolf Lovland & Brendan Graham, Arranger: Teena Chinn, Performer: Josh Groban

Feels Like Home: Chantal Kreviazuk (Randy Newman)

Women of Ireland: Se�n � Riad

Every Night: McCartney

Your Face: Roberta Flack

Dear Prudence: Beatles

Hide Your Love Away: Beatles

I'll Cry Instead: Beatles

Day After Day: Badfinger

Rocky Racoon: Beatles

Shes Leaving Home: Beatles

Dream a Little Dream of Me: Ozzie Nelson

Fire and Rain: James Taylor

God only Knows: Brian Wilson

Words: Bee Gees

How Can you Mend a Broken Heart: Bee Gees

He was a Friend of Mine: Bob Dylan

A J and The Two Tone Blues Band at The Red River Revel, Shreveport Festival Plaza, 2012

Jamaica West, Orange County, CA. Circa 1982.

Laguna Canyon Studios, New Years Eve 1982

The Flurts, Laguna Canyon Studios, Laguna Beach, CA., July 4, 1982

The Supernumerary Grill 05/17/2006

The Supernumerary Grill 06/28/2006

Studio of Blue Light

CRYSTAL STAIRS, 07-29-2016

OmniSpace1, Space Music 04/02/2013, Jay

Session #10, 08/21/2011, Jay, Marshall, and David

Session #9, 08/17/2011, Jay and Marshall

Session #8, 08/10/2011, Jay and Marshall

Session #7, 10/30/2010, Jay and Marshall Jay experimenting for the first time with a DOBRO

Session #6, 10/06/2010, Jay's Birthday Party, with Marshall, and David Jay: Keyboards, Engineering - Marshall: Guitar - David: Bass Guitar, Vocals.

Session #5, 10/06/2010, Jay and Marshall Jay: Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Engineering - Marshall: Guitar, Inspiration.

Session #4, 10/02/2010, Jay and Marshall

Session #3, 08/28/2010, Jay and Marshall

Session #2, 08/28/2010, Jay and Marshall

Session #1, 08/28/2010, Jay and Marshall

Drone #1, 07/08/2010, Jay

Drone #2, 07/09/2010, Jay

Drone #3, 07/26/2010, Jay

Studio Jams #3, 03/05/2010

Studio Jams #2, 03/04/2010

Studio Jams #1, 03/02/2010


Be Happy: Mahavishnu Orchestra

Hope: Mahavishnu Orchestra

Dicipline: King Crimson

Recordings of others with me in California.

Laguna Canyon Studios, Me and Punk Rockers, Circa 1980

Laguna Canyon Studios, Me and Progressive Rockers, Circa 1980

Laguna Canyon Studios, Me and Progressive Rockers, Circa 1980

Original Recordings

Outer Limits: Dance Trance Jay: Original Concept

Meditation Chimes Jay: Original Concept

Meditation Gongs Jay: Original Concept