The Flurts were three brothers, sons of a 60s era Surf Guitarist; I know not which band. Their last names were Burt. I met their Father once in San Marcos, CA. but do not remember his first name. He was in one of those bands, The Ventures or The Dale Tones or something like that. Anyhow, these guys were wound very tightly. They also were exceptionally well equipped, if you know what I mean. It was a privilege just to get their fallout. They each had different mothers but the same father. They had really hot chicks following them around everywhere they played. Just after this gig they asked me to join them. I played keyboards, sang, and mixed the sounds during the gigs. They liked me because I could carry a tune and sing all those high parts in the Beatles tunes. We scored a gig at the 'Brass Elephant' a Bar in Mammoth Lakes, CA. the following Thanksgiving.

This gig was a party I threw after the Beach Fireworks, July 4th, 1982, given by the City of Laguna Beach, CA. I called my studio "Laguna Canyon Studios". After the Fireworks we walked up the canyon to my studio next to the Sawdust Festival and had a great time with a bunch of the locals. There were a couple of Talent Scouts there from Hollywood.

The Flurts, Laguna Canyon Studios