This is a large file be patient for it to stream to your player, it is worth it.

All I had to record these guys was a noisy Cassette recorder but the recording turned out very well considering the medium. You might notice the music sounds a little like Oingo-Boingo. You are correct, a few of the musicians have played with them. I had the opportunity to engineer with these guys several times. Whereas this performance was pretty good, they were much better at some of the other gigs I mixed for them. A couple of the Theme Tots are heard in this recording.

For lack of, then very expensive, special effects devices, I fashioned a tape delay using an old Roland Space Echo tape looper being fed by a reel-to-reel recorder, mostly to improve its quality and reduce the delay time. I made a spring reverb core from an old trashed Fender Guitar Amp, plus I rebuilt and modified an Analog Delay device adding more memory to extend its delay time and a set of buttons to give it loop/capture capabilities.

I had trouble hearing the band because the manager would not let me setup in the middle of the room and forced me in the back and corner of the room about 150 feet from my PA, so I mixed to the headphones instead of what I was hearing from my PA. I am glad I did because the recording turned out well.


Jamaica West Orange County, CA