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Download GEOD.pdf file , NASA GEODESIC DESIGN CONCEPTS -- an Acrobat Reader PDF

My name is Jay Salsburg. I transcribed this document in hopes that it would inspire understanding. This document is some of the early work Buckminster Fuller sponsored and constitutes a method for creating reliable data for building geodesic models. However, the mathematical foundations on which this document is based is not evolved as that which exists today. This document represents very good documentation of the computer program used to create the geometry data for many of the domes built throught the 1970s. This document is not a simple or elegant treatment of building domes but a scientific divulgence of the math applied to creating the data necessary for designing domes. For an elegant and reliable treatment of Geodesic Math in a scientific and geometrically graphic way without mathematical complexity, click here for Geodesic Math -- an Acrobat Reader PDF.

Jay Salsburg, Design Scientist

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