Jay Salsburg, Design Scientist
Critical Path Design Sciences http://www.radarpc.net
5333 Kent Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71108

318 688-4728


E-mail: jay(at)salsburg(dot)com

Creating that which all others have yet to imagine.

I am a Design Scientist, Electronics Engineer, Principal Investigator, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Technician, Technical Assistant, Prototype-Modelmaker, Service Technician, Computer Technician, Technical Writer, and Troubleshooter. An expert problem solver with over 40 years experience, I will explore the possibilities of solving your technical problems and documenting the facts of the solution(s). As a Design Scientist, I bring a focus on gathering information and organizing this information into facts for problem solving. Furthermore, I work well with others, am confident and competent with Scientific, Laboratory, and Electronic Instrumentation, Information Systems and Software, and Project Management. For more than 40 years, I have used and trained with Audio-Video recording equipment, Scientific and Laboratory Electronic Instrumentation, Information Systems, Software, and Project Management. My expertise in entertainment systems, science, instrumentation, communications, electronics, Internet services, computers, technical writing, computer aided design, model making, and prototyping may be of interest to you. I have a strong desire to contribute my understanding and know-how in these areas.



DeVry Institute: Electronic Engineer
University of Florida, Gainesville: Design and Programming of Microprocessor Systems
University of California, San Diego, San Diego Supercomputer Center: California Internet Liaison
Zuken CR-5000 Certification
Router Solutions Certification
Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization


This document establishes certain accomplishments both real and abstract by Jay Salsburg and attempts to relate capabilities to the reader of the possible work Jay Salsburg may do for the reader.

Internet Service Provider
Registered Federal Government Contractor: Critical Path Design Sciences - DUNS #121818426
OLETC CPW Participant.
The Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization is a Program of the National Institute of Justice.

I am Certified on:
Zuken CR-5000, and the Router Solutions Suite


Electronic Product Realization Project (EPRP) Server and Services in conjunction to the Mechanical Product Realization Project (MPRP) for Totally Integrated Munitions Enterprise (TIME) http://time.lacenter.org, US Army, 1998-2001. The Author setup and maintained Secure Multi-tier Enterprise software and hardware Internet service to demonstrate to the US Army an Internet-based Electronic Product Management system. The Sub-Contractors for the GPS miniaturization project for the Excalibur XM-982 were the demonstration test bed for this project. Software, Hardware and Labor totaled in excess $150,000.00.

I am Qualified on:


Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

Microsoft Office Suite

Adobe Software Suite







CoCreate OneSpace
Electronics Workbench

Microwave Office







Origin Pro


Scientific Notebook



Sony Vegas

Sony ACID Pro

Sony Sound Forge

Sony DVD Architect

Cakewalk SONAR

Cakewalk Rapture


Ableton Live

Traktor DJ



Intelligence Quotient Tests indicate that I am a Visual-Mathematician.

It is usually the case that what appears in a résumé is not all that may be said about the author's capabilities whether these capabilities are past experiences or unrequited innate abilities. Below I will mention some of the things I can do for you.

I have been my own Internet Service Provider since 1993. I engineered, in 1994, a complete and functional World Wide Web Store Front including Secure Online Credit Card Authorization, Real-Time Product Database inventory control, Multiple Storefronts, Order conformation to Shipping-Receiving and the Customer.

I currently provide complete Broadband Internet Services, independent of any other internet service provider, to several businesses testing laboratories, and myself. I have been providing these services since 1993 which include Domain Name Server, Dialup, List Server & Mail Server, Web Server with Site Search Engine, FTP Server, Encrypted Web-based file transfer, Secure Web-based Database.

I am familiar with the Microsoft and Apple suite of Servers and associated Databases. This includes the ability to interface these Databases to Internet Servers. I have setup complete Web-based Product Management Systems including, Task Management sign-in and sign-out of documents and schematics, secure encrypted document and file servers, for collaboration

I am intimately familiar with Microsoft's Office Suite.

Technical Writing - Extensive experience producing and publishing User Manuals, Operation Manuals, Instruction Manuals, Technical Reports, Grant Applications, Proposals, Web Home Sites, Web Content.

Technical Illustration - Using Illustration Software, I can create graphic images for manuals and publications.

Report Generation - Created large numbers of reports for National Laboratories, the US Military, National R&D Institutions, and Educational Institutions.

Creative Writing - Create text on a variety of subjects and arguments, drawing conclusions and documenting corroborating, conflicting and/or contradictory information.

Electronic Schematic Entry - Zuken - Cadence - Mentor

Electronic Component Package Design - Using the above software, I can design packaging floor plans for electronic devices.

Electronic Printed Wiring Board Design - Zuken CR-5000 and CADStar.

Electronic Prototyping -
*Hand made and semiautomatic Benchtop circuitry creation.
*Embedded and single board Microcontroller creation, design and programming including Digital Signal Processors and Programmable Logic Devices.

Single Board Computers and Embedded Systems - Experience with setting up and programming single board computers and embedded systems.

Electronic Testing - Extensive experience in Benchtop circuit testing including creation of custom jigs for speeding the production, testing, and repair of circuitry and the creation of harnesses.

Electronics Quality Control - Create and maintain the inspection and documentation needed to manage the quality control of circuit production.

Electronic Assembly - Extensive experience in assembling circuitry in assembly line production, prototyped one-off circuits, custom apparatus, and jig making.

Electronic Product Management - Experience in the production of electronic products and the associated management of the product's manufacture.

Electronic Packaging - With the popular CAD tools mentioned above, I can design integrated circuit packaging and PWB including Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

Digital Signal Processing - Either hardware or software or both, I can create custom signal processors for scientific or analytical purposes. With my extensive experience in mathematics, particularly Digital Signal Processing, I can create custom analyzers and displays. I have experience with Analog Devices DSP++.

Computer Aided Instrumentation and Analysis - Preparing, maintaining and assembling complex and unconventional instrumentation, including Audio, Video, Digital, Microwave, Miniaturized circuits, Communication and Radio Frequency

Computer Aided Geometry - Check out my web site for sample freeware of some of my more simple applications showing my abilities in creating Geometry using the PC that can not be made with CAD programs. The applications available in my Web site are limited but my ability to create large robust applications is not limited.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting - Check out my web site for a gallery of images including 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality. I have extensive experience and world class skills in geometrical design using computers.

Computer Aided Mechanical Design - Design mechanisms with Computer Aided Engineering software to create robust devices and structures for demonstration and production.

Computer Aided Finite Element Analysis - Analyze Structures and Electronics for mechanical stress and thermal performance.

Computer Application Generation - Very quickly create stand-alone Applications for the PC and Macintosh. This includes the adaptation of algorithms to test and demonstrate their capabilities. Stand-alone Client-Server applications.

Computer Programming - Extensive experience creating stand-alone applications from scratch including custom Thin Client-Fat Server applications that are IP and COM ready. 'Transliterate' old and legacy code to give it new high speed life and a Graphical User Interface with modern compilers.

Scientific Imaging - Using available advanced Imaging software, I can prepare complex data sets to reveal hidden or undetected information and intelligence. With my abilities in mathematics and computer programming, I can devise a system to automate the collection of data which may automatically display Geographic Information Systems, multivariate analysis, calculus, sequences, series or any concern with limits and convergence.

Computer Generated Graphics and Animation - Using multimedia, scientific, and engineering software together, I can create graphics and animated images of the behavior of mechanical systems or static devices for demonstration or proof of concept.

Computer Assisted Multimedia Production - Using available software, I can create media presentations for demonstrations and reports.

Computer Network Administration - Experience in installing and maintaining computer networks including providing secure and hacker and intrusion resistance.

Nonlinear Video and Audio Editing - Experience producing media presentations.

RADAR - Experience applying RADAR for Law Enforcement, Security, and Surveillance.

Wireless Communication - Experience installing wireless networks and long-haul microwave links.

Satellite Communication - Experience installing Dishes and Head End cable TV systems for hotels and small communities.

Internet Service Provider -
Web Server and Site creation and maintenance including Flash
List and Mail Servers
Cisco Router and Firewall Configuration
DNS Configuration
Information Technology
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Database creation/web hosting

Professional certifications and memberships:

Registered Federal Government Contractor: Critical Path Design Sciences

Apple Development Partner
Authorized Apple Product Representative
Apple Certified Service Technician
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)
International Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)


Designed and produced:
RADAR PC - Law Enforcement RADAR System for Personal Computers. http://www.radarpc.net
SENTRY PROBE - Wall Penetration motion detector. http://www.radarpc.net
Real-time Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer and Motion Vector Estimation Analyzer for the Macintosh.
Digital Signal Processor for the Macintosh.
Ruggedized portable backpack sound reinforcement system "Beach Ball" (Patent Pending).
'Double Skin Fly's Eye' dome with hidden truss (Patent Pending).
Microelectrode Chronic Recording Headstage Amplifier Recording System for Neurophysiology (Patent Pending).
Aircraft Runway Laser Atmospheric Turbulence Display for Air Traffic Controllers (Patent Pending).
Real-time Error-Free Secure Laser Communications Systems for All-Weather environments.
Analog-Digital/Digital-Analog Neurophysiology Signal Processor for Chronic Recording.
Broadcast Satellite hand-held "Clear-Site" Microwave Detector-Locator.
Ultra High Speed Parallel I/O Port for the Macintosh.
Digital Video Sync Synthesizer.
Digital Phone Patch Transmitter for the Macintosh.
CAD/CAM interface for palmtop computers and Personal Digital Assistants.
Subsonic Acoustic Reinforcement Speaker - Low Frequency 'Subwoffer' Device.

Products and computer programs that I have created, published or sold:



Provides situational awareness, a small, completely portable, hand held, low-cost device providing very reliable detection of any human movement.



In the image above, the SENTRY PROBE technology is retrofitted into a DeWALT flashlight to provide a rugged enclosure and recharging system, to survive rough handling for long life. Seen on the top is a Sonalert beeper which enunciates detected movement. Movement generates very distinctive sound which is automatically interpreted as movement easily heard even in noisy situations. The unit is battery operated, operating reliably for many hours without a recharge. It may be hand-held, placed on the ground, mounted on a pole for scanning high places or extended into places that are hazardous, mounted on a robot, or may be mounted on a dish for distant probing and penetrating substantial buildings and multiple walls even through foliage.


See additional images below…


SENTRY PROBE uses microwave Doppler RADAR. A computer running RADAR PC may be used optionally connected to the external connector. It is a stand-alone electronic device to detect motion through most doors, walls, and foliage both in direct contact with the surface of interest or at a distance. This detection is reported as a sound that allows the users to instantly know if any movement occurs in the field of the Illuminator.


One important feature, the user is alerted instantly to any movement without watching or seeing the area of interest. The movement is turned into sound so the user does not have to watch a tiring video screen or peer through binoculars in surveillance situations. The sound may be easily adjusted to continuously report movement with extreme sensitivity or be silent and only make sound when there is movement, as an alarm would, and may silently trigger cameras for recording movement in sensitive areas.


If your job requires you to breach doors to apprehend suspects or process a warrant, knowing if there is any movement behind a door, wall, or foliage may be of interest. If you need to detect movement in sensitive areas or through entry points SENTRY PROBE can warn you if there is any movement.


Tactical Teams can use SENTRY PROBE to prevent dangerous surprises in sensitive situations. Barricade and Hostage situations may be managed to provide the Tactical Team real-time awareness of the movement of perpetrators and occupants inside the building of interest. SENTRY PROBE allows the user to reliably characterize the movement out of sight providing additional situational awareness unobtainable in any other way:


Applications include: Anti -Terrorist Surveillance, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Control, Military Surveillance, Police Surveillance, Vehicle Tolling, Airport Runway & Tar macadam Monitoring and Security, Sports Activity, Crowd Counter & Monitoring, Security Systems, Scientific Test & Measurement, Animal Control, Personal and Home Security, Chronic Meteorological Activity Measurement, Assembly line Monitor.
Also in development is a Server version that will allow IP Web-Based monitoring in real time.
RADAR PC offers an inexpensive alternative to those expensive existing dash units and handheld RADAR guns. May be used in Police and Surveillance Vehicles equipped with an existing PC by mounting the inconspicuous RADAR module on or in the Vehicle. More than one illuminator may be used at a time allowing the monitoring of multiple targets at once. It may also be used while the vehicle is moving at full speed and display the speed of oncoming and approaching traffic. Very useful for movement or motion detection and recording at a distance, even movement inside buildings.
Unlike high-priced stand alone RADAR systems that are not easy to use or apply, they are for long range uses and not for close-in applications of a few hundred feet. Since there are millions of PCs out there, RADAR PC allows a PC owner to do something with his or her PC that no one else has yet offered. The RADAR PC is a new and original peripheral for the PC. Usual peripherals are keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, etc. RADAR PC allows the PC to display and record movement. Constantly vigilant, a PC can be used to record movement, allowing new and unique uses for the PC.
The RADAR PC allows the user to observe and record movement, any movement, with its speed. You might ask "So What?" Since I have set up my unit, I can see and hear all the automobile and foot traffic in my neighborhood while I am in my house. The PC's speaker lets me hear the illuminator also. This is a non-visual queue that I can hear anywhere in the house or yard. By turning up the volume on the speaker I can hear if any person or car enters my neighborhood. I can see if the car is speeding and which direction it is going. The RADAR PC displays and records rain events - when it begins and when it ends. I can see and hear if it was still raining without leaving my bed.
·Parametric Brackett Generator©

This program creates the geometry for the Brackett Internal Combustion Engine. This program is unique technology because it produces computer designed mechanisms, interactively. With a user friendly, Parametric graphic interface, this software consists of more than 2500 lines of error free code and incorporates original and unique algorithms of my own creation. The program's legend is seen in the linked page above describing a screen shot of the program's parametric user interface.
·Parametric Brackett Animator©
This program displays an animated view of the motion of the unique mechanisms in the Brackett Engine. The user-friendly, Parametric graphic interface changes instantly when the user changes the program's Parameters.
·Parametric Four Mass Orbit Generator©
The Parametric Four Orbit Generator© for MS Windows is for educational purposes. It simulates the behavior of four objects in Newtonian space. The smaller the 'Delta Time' parameter the higher the resolution of computation per unit time. So therefore, the objects move more slowly but more accurately. This program can simulate real solar systems with the proper parameters. It has the resolution to create real results with the sacrifice of speed.
Parametric Rossler Oscillator Generator©
The Parametric Rossler Oscillator Generator© for MS Windows is for educational purposes. It demonstrates and displays the behavior of the Order of Chaos for two coupled oscillators which simulates the bioelectric behavior of the Heart. The parametric edit fields allow manipulation of the variables in the differential equation which models the oscillators. By scaling, and using Phi and Theta fields one may explore this non-linear chaos.
Parametric Duffing Oscillator Generator©
The Parametric Duffing Oscillator Generator© for MS Windows is for educational purposes. It demonstrates and displays the behavior of the Order of Chaos for two coupled oscillators. The parametric edit fields allow manipulation of the variables in the differential equation which models the oscillators. By scaling, and using Phi and Theta fields one may explore this non-linear chaos.
·Maximum Connectivity Demonstrator©
The Maximum Connectivity Demonstrator© for MS Windows is for educational purposes. It demonstrates and displays the behavior of interconnected nodes. The parametric edit fields allow manipulation of the level of connectivity between nodes. By zooming to a node, one may explore the granularity of connectivity.
·Parametric Rodin Torus Generator©
This program may be used to investigate the geometry of the Rodin Torus.
·Parametric Involute Gear Generator©
This program creates all the shapes needed for export to CNC machine stations for creating Involute gears. Includes on-line manual for complete user's understanding of program's operation.
·Parametric Conic Section Generator©
This program may be used to educate students in Newtonian motion and optics or it may be used to design optics or reflectors such as microwave antennae. Comes with complete and educational manual suitable as a reference text for physics students.
·Parametric Complex Curve Generator©
This program may be used to educate students in 2 dimensional curves.
·Parametric Geodesic Math Generator©
This program may be used to educate students in geodesic math. May be used by architects and civil engineers to create Geodesic Domes of any size and complexity. This was the first Geodesic Mathematics program published for Personal Computers. Published in 1986, its interface displays the Geodesic Math in Three Dimensions and allows the user to interact with the Parameters of the Geometry and instantly view the results.
·Parametric Rotating Cam Generator©
This program may be used to educate students in design of rotating machinery. May be used by engineers to design rotating machinery.
·Parametric Chaos Generator©
This program may be used to educate students in Nonlinear Science. May be used by scientists and engineers to model nonlinear systems.
·Parametric Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer©
This program may be used to analyze time series data for the display and documentation of frequency domain data.
·Parametric Pendulum Analyzer©
This program may be used to educate students in the behavior of this nonlinear science.
·Parametric Projectile Analyzer©
This program may be used to educate students in rocket and ordinance delivery. May be used for ordinance delivery by a Fire Control Officer.
This program filters MERGE files created by Databases, word processors, and COBOL programs so that they may be imported to spreadsheet programs.
·Secure Communications©
This program may be used to transfer sensitive messages and Images by MODEM or floppy disk without the worry that the massage may in any way be revealed to the intercepting party without the original program and a series of secret KEYs. Impervious to Cracking even by the best government agencies.
·Power CCCI©
This program provides voice control of the X-10 Powerhouse modules.
This program may be used to edit Adobe Illustrator files to rearrange the strokes in the illustration.
·Font Fixer©
This program automatically resolves Font ID conflicts.


·How to build your own Fly’s Eye Dome Home http://www.salsburg.com/coming/coming.html
·Parametric Geodesic Math Generation
·Parametric Conic Sections
·Field Card and User Manual for the Magellan, NAV 1000M, GPS receiver for Desert Storm operations.

US Army Contracted published documents by the author. Included dates are dates of delivery not production dates.


LCMS/ARDEC Electronics Initiatives - Overview - Some Possibilities, (Technology Report) 09/23/1998


ARDEC Report #3, ELECTRONICS CONTRACT, SAIC Subcontract #4400002722, A Review of 10-Year Ammunition Production Base Plan, 06/30/1999

US Army 10 year Plan, (Consensus Report) 1999


PRESENTATION, COMMERCIAL-OFF-THE-SHELF, The Multi-Headed Problem, (Technology Review and Assessment) 02/04/2000

Electronic COTS, COMMERCIAL-OFF-THE-SHELF Electronics, Electronics Contract #2, DAAE30-99-M-0460, Assessment extension of munitions electronics, laminate boards, electronic packaging, interconnection, and miniaturization technology, (Technology Review and Assessment) 07/29/2000

High-Level MEMS Review, 09/05/2000

COTS Debacle, 02/21/2001

The Two - Three - Four-Headed Problem With COTS/GOTS - Commercial-off-the-Shelf/Government-off-the-Shelf, (Technology Review and Assessment) 02/21/2001


Low Hanging Fruit Projects, US Army, MANTECH - Potential, (Executive Report) 2001

GPS Alternatives, Conventional PWB with DCA - Sugar Cube (Stacked MCM-Ls) with HiDEC - MCM-D or with SyChip for the Excalibur XM-982, (Technology Assessment) 06/2001

Generic GPS Receiver, (Technology Assessment) 07/25/2001

GPS Direct Conversion Receiver, (Technology Assessment) 07/25/2001

Low Frequency Transponder for:
OICW, Objective Individual Combat Weapon (US Army)
OCSW, Objective Crew Served Weapon (US Army)
(Technology Report) 02/2001

MEMS Packaging Roadmap, (Technology Report) 06/23/2001

Alternative Safe and Arming Scheme,
OICW, Objective Individual Combat Weapon (US Army)
OCSW, Objective Crew Served Weapon (US Army)
(Technology Report) 06/2001

Industry Overview and Associated Low cost Flexible Manufacturing Alternatives Study of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) and Initial Manufacturability Review of a Specific Early Development ARDEC Safety and Arming (S&A) MEMS, IAW (DI-ADMIN-80447), (Technology Assessment) 2001

Affiliations past and present:

Elected President of MAClan Northwest Louisiana Macintosh User Group
City of Shreveport Community Liaison to Shreveport OnLine
Buckminster Fuller Institute

In the early days of the formation of the Institute, I helped organize and plan strategy for attracting new members and generating income. Before Dr. Fuller's passing, I had the honor of assisting him in the development of patents and building Models of his creations and inventions.

Vice President of Oceanside Macintosh User Group

OMUG has over 250 members where I presided over the meetings and the group. I was the System Operator of the Group's Electronic Bulletin Board System.

California INTERNET Liaison, City of Oceanside

The City of Oceanside appointed me the administrator of a grant from the State of California that provides an INTERNET system for the two libraries in Oceanside. I assisted the City of Oceanside in setting up the library to allow library patrons to access the internet. This was the first year the World Wide Web was created. The State of California trained me at the San Diego Supercomputer Center for this position.

Oceanside Downtown Business Association

I am a founding member. I wrote the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

Experience Timeline:

1. DeVry Tech - Dallas - Electronic Engineering
2. University of Florida - Gainesville - Microprocessor Systems Design and Programming
3. Tektronix - Irvine , CA - Oscilloscope, Test and Measurement Service Technician
4. Hughes Micro Circuit Division - Newport Beach , CA Hybrid Microcircuit Technician
5. Genisco Computers - Newport Beach , CA - Interactive Computer Graphics Processor Engineering Technician
6. Symbolic Displays Inc. (SDI) - Irvine , CA - Electronic Engineering Technician
7. EOCOM Corp. - Newport Beach , CA - Electronic Engineering Technician
8. R. Buckminster Fuller and Sir Norman Foster- Pacific Palisades, CA - Laguna Beach , CA - Assisted in Patent Development and Architectural Model Building
9. Western Digital Corp. - Newport Beach , CA - Silicon Integrated Circuit Wafer Fabrication Technician
10. Emerson Electric - Newport Beach , CA - Electronic Engineering Technician
11. Mirilite Inc. - Santa Ana , CA - Electronic Engineering Technician
12. MacOrange - Santa Ana, CA - Macintosh User Group - Vice President, Sergeant at Arms - fourth largest Macintosh User Group in the World.
13. University of California Irvine - School of Medicine - Medical Surgery Department - Research Assistant
14. University of California Irvine - The Center for the Neurophysiology of Learning and Memory - Research Assistant
15. Micro CAD/CAM - Laguna Niguel , CA - Computer Software Test and Installation
16. Metro Print - Santa Ana , CA - Computer Graphics and Illustration
17. Race Industries - La Mirada , CA - Robotics Engineer - Computer Programmer
18. United States Marine Corps - Morale, Welfare, and Recreation - El Toro , CA - Computer Operations
19. Magellan - Monrovia , CA - Technical Writer - GPS Manual
20. Disk Jockey - USMC Air Station, El Toro - Camp Pendleton , CA - Miramar Navel Air Station, Mira Mar, CA
21. Vortex International, Carlsbad , CA - Computer Programmer
22. UpperDeck, Carlsbad , CA - Engineering Assistant
23. General Instruments, Mira Mesa , CA - Engineering Assistant
24. Brackett Patent Corp. - South Portland, Maine - Oceanside, CA - Computer Programmer - Engineering Assistant
25. Oceanside Macintosh User Group - Oceanside , CA - Vice President
26. Oceanside Internet Liaison - Oceanside , CA - Trained at The San Diego Supercomputer Center , University of California , San Diego
27. Critical Path Design Sciences - Research and Development of Design Science - Software - Hardware - Intellectual Property
28. GlobalNow, Incorporated - BizQuic - Internet Service Provider (ISP)
29. MaClan - Macintosh User Group - President
30. Authorized Apple Product Representative
31. Apple Development Partner
32. General Motors Small Truck Division - Shreveport , LA - Engineering Assistant
33. Department of Defense Contractor - Engineering Assistant, Technical Writer

Professional experience:

· Maintain Network Services and Computer maintenance for Dr. J. Gary Booker
· Host Web, Email, Database Services, Network Services, and Computer maintenance for Roger Christian Realty
· Maintain Network Services and Computer maintenance for Agee and Agee, CPA
· Host Web and Email Services for Critical Path Design Sciences
· The Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC) Commercialization Planning Workshop (CPW)
· Department of Defense: contracted to:
Create Enterprise Server Systems for demonstration to the US Military.
Review Technology for a the US Army, International Electronics Corporation (IEC/L3) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory comprising analysis of Electronic Technology for use in Weapons Systems.
Evaluated the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) 20 mm Grenade micro-electronics.
Organize the initial Totally Integrated Munitions Environment (TIME) project.
Evaluate the Gun-Hardened Electronics and especially the GPS Project for the XM-982 Excalibur extended munitions.
Assist in engineering and selection of Miniaturized Electronic components for those same agencies, specifically Militarized SAASM-compatible GPS receivers, OICW and MEMS technology.
Create operating manuals and assisted in developing new technology for the US Military.
Create reports on new Technology for the US Army.
Train Engineers and personnel in software operation and document generation.
Create Graphics and Technical Illustrations of mechanical and electronic apparatus for various government and private concerns.
Create and operate Windows NT Server IIS Web Servers with Enterprise Software of my own creation using ColdFusion.
Responsible for server creation, setup and software valued in excess of $300,000.00.
Modify Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Milling Machines and Lathes for adaptation to advanced computer control.
Operate CNC Milling Machines and Lathes, 3D Laser Scanner, and Metrology Measurement Machines.
Create technical papers and edit technical papers submitted from various Universities for presentation to the Board of Directors, Corporate Executives and various US Military Administrators.
Create and Present Presentations to various Government Agencies and Corporate Executives.
Evaluate Products and Create Demonstrations of these Products for above said Agencies and Companies.
Contribute 'Electronics' side of 'TIME' project and document team meetings.

My duties were diverse. I worked unsupervised and under my own initiative with other Engineers and Administrators.

· BizQuic and GlobalNow Incorporated: Vice President Operations and Chief Administrator. I formed this Corporation in 1995 and I am still operating this company. Internet Service Provider, providing Internet and Network Services for several small Businesses. Firewall, DNS, Router, Dialup, 10/100 Base-T, Web, Email, List Serv, Search Engine, On-line Accounting, Database services, Web Site creation, PC configuration.

· Critical Path Design Sciences: Formed this Company in 1984 and is still operating.
Design and principal investigations, Software development, Civil Engineering and Electronics research.
Currently generating income from software and business ventures.

· General Motors Corporation: Temporary Employment in 1996
Assisted Design Engineers from the Dearborn, Michigan Plant with documenting and organizing their engineering drawings and procedures for their new design changes.

· General Instruments:
As a Senior Electronic Assembly Technician, I worked with the design engineers of the 'VideoCypher II' assisting them in assembling and testing the finished Printed Circuit Boards. These boards cost over $10,000.00 each. They are used in the systems that encipher video signals transmitted to Geo-Stationary Broadcast Satellites for all the popular satellite TV Channels.

· US Marine Corps MWR: Computer repair and maintenance, Data Analyst; Computer Operations, Data Room Operator, Reports.
Batch operations, and Accounting.

· UpperDeck:
Assisted Engineers in creating product package-counter for their assembly line machines.

· Vortex Interactive:
Assisted in creation of Interactive Multimedia, CD-I, CD-ROM Video Games, CD-ROM. Consulted in hiring programmer.

· Brackett Patent Corporation and Brackett Research:
Developed and tested the Brackett internal combustion engine, engineering system software. Two thousand five hundred lines long, the program consists of a Parametric Graphic Interface, interactive geometry, and Computer Aided Drafting output.

· Race Industries:
Programmed Windows Applications in "C" for real time Robotic Aided Manufacturing. I organized the software as the system analyst, created and documented the system flowchart that defined the project. I setup the NOVEL network in the production facility and created several custom CAD drawings for documentation of their patented products. Worked with AMADA Industries of Japan and learned to operate their Robot assisted CNC Punch Machines.
· Metro Print and Graphics:
Operated printing and reproduction facility for two years. I created custom computer generated illustrations and documents for customers.

· Micro CAD/CAM Inc. (now AURA CAD/CAM Inc.):
Manufacturers of MGMStaion CAD/CAM software for the Macintosh (now AURA CAD/CAM):
Debugged and tested CAD/CAM software. I evaluated BETA revisions, edited and wrote operation manuals, and performed customer support.

· Miralite Inc.:
Designed, tested, installed and repaired Broadcast Satellite Microwave Dish Antenna Systems and Head-End Equipment. I designed and tested the "Clear-Site" hand held test instrument. Used to find the optimal installation site for the dish of a head end system, the portable "Clear-Site" allows a head-end installer to screen a site for interfering radiation without the need of a microwave spectrum analyzer. During my employment I installed several head-end systems for cable companies and large hotels.

· University of California at Irvine - UCI:
... UCI School of Medicine, the Department of Anatomy and the Department of Neuropharmacology - Supervised and directed experiments in Neurophysiology, Created and maintained new procedures for medical surgery and instrumentation. I developed new Electronics Technology for the measurement of brain activity, Operational Amplifier applications, Micro-Miniature electronics, Printed Circuit Board fabrication, Schematic drawing and verification, VAX and PDP minicomputer operations, documentation of Grant process, preparing reports for Staff and Professors, and assisted Professors in the writing and preparation of research papers and grants.
... UCI The Center for the Neurology of Learning and Memory - Created and Maintained apparatus for research in Neurophysiology. I developed and experimented heavily in micro-miniature electronics to assist in gathering reliable data for publication in grant papers. I engineered and fabricated circuitry, drew schematics with documentation and wrote descriptions to document the work for the grant process.

· Emerson Electric:
Working as a Senior Electronic Engineering Technician I created new circuitry designs for staff electrical engineers in very high power electric motor speed controls used in; conveyer belt systems used in mining, elevators, and manufacturing machinery.

· Western Digital:
Supervised and maintained Silicon Wafer fabrication. I maintained and calibrated fabrication equipment including ion-implanters, vacuum deposition equipment and 'Kasper' photo-mask equipment.

· EOCOM Corporation:
Prototyped, Debugged, and Repaired electronic and mechanical systems for the "Laserite" laser etched metal plate lithograph machine (the predecessor of the laser printer). As a Senior Prototype and Engineering Technician I Prototyped, Debugged, and Repaired electronic and mechanical systems.

· SDI, Symbolic Displays Inc.:
As a Senior Prototype and Engineering Technician I designed and tested Avionics, Aviation Strobes and Strobe power supplies. I evaluated and approved schematics. Created prototypes and evaluated primary investigation into new technology. Worked off-site at certified testing laboratories with FAA engineers to certify aircraft electronics.

· Genisco Computers:
As a Senior Prototype and Engineering Technician I Debugged and engineered high speed Raster Graphics Processors. I tested ultra high speed electronics, compared the operation of prototypes with the known performance of previously developed systems and corrected the errors and defects in the digital design and wiring lists, corrected design errors in schematics, implemented changes to Staff for bringing the boards up-to-spec.

· Hughes Aircraft, Microcircuit Division:
Debugged and repaired Hybrid Microcircuits in 'white-room' laboratory.

· Tektronix:
Repaired and Calibrated top-of-the-line Test and Measurement electronics.

Entertainment experience:

· Installed sound system and recorded and Engineered live music, Superior Grill Inc., Shreveport, Louisiana
· Maintained and Installed Sound/Video/Lighting Systems/DJ for Modular Club, Marine Corp Air Station, El Toro, California
· Maintained Sound / Video / Lighting Systems, E-Club, Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego, California
· Maintained Sound / Video Systems, E-Club, Main Side, Camp Pendleton, California
· Maintained Sound / Video Systems, Beach E-Club, San Onofre, Camp Pendleton, California
· Maintained Sound / Video Systems, E-Club and Officer’s Club, Long Beach Naval Ship Yard, Long Beach, California
· Roadie for Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Initiation Tour
· Roadie for Willie Nelson
· Roadie for War (formally Eric Burton and War)
· Roadie for Richie Blackmoore’s Rainbow
· Roadie for Ramsey Lewis Trio
· Roadie / Sound Engineer for Earth, Wind, and Fire
· Hospitality Director for Ted Nugent
· Hospitality Director for The Eagles (Hotel California Tour)
· Hospitality Director for Blue Oyster Cult
· Hospitality Director for Kiss
· Keyboards / Vocals, The Flurts, performed in and around Southern California
· Designed and constructed Laguna Canyon Studios, Laguna Beach, California


Assisted Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller in the establishment of "Universal Geometry Tool" Patent. Assisted Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and Sir Norman Foster in development of De-resonated Tensegrity Fly's Eye Dome.
Created Field Card and User Manual for the Magellan, NAV 1000M, GPS receiver for Desert Storm operations.

Familiar Theory:

Internet Protocol, Relational Database Management Systems, High Level Programming Language Transliteration, Object Oriented Programming, Computer generated geometry shape and form, CAD/CAM design and programming, General Systems Theory, Structured System Design, Project Management, Top-Down Design, Ergonomics, Flow-Charting, Work Simplification, Business Planning, System and Media Management, Technical Writing, Technical Illustration, Page Layout, Word Processing, Digital Design, Bulletin Board Systems, Electronic Communication, Solid State Electronics, Radio, Video, Audio, Music, Creative Writing, Digital Signal Processing

Programming and Operating Environments familiarity:

HTML, JAVA, C++, C, ADA, BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, MS Visual Basic, Assembly Language, Structured Query Language (SQL), Database Management Systems (DBMSs), Pspice, DXF, Macintosh Operating System, MPW - Macintosh Programmers Workshop, Quicktime, MS-DOS - Microsoft Disk Operating System, Microsoft Widows, Unix, AppleTalk, TCP/IP, 10Base T , Ethernet, ArcNet, NOVELL Netware, X-Windows.

Hardware familiarity:

Electronics, Test and measurement equipment, Macintosh, IBM - PC, DEC - LSI, VAX, NOVA, Hewlett-Packard 9000, Sun, 1702, NCR 9400, Fanuc machining stations, Lasers, Avionics, Audio, Video, Radio, Communication Satellites, Radar, Sonar, Medical Instrumentation, Motor and Power control, power and hand tools.