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I can provide these services for you and your Company.


Network and Workstation Support.

Put your Business and its operations on the Internet with Enterprise Application Servers using multi-tier hardware and software, or just a single box running low cost software.
Using Microsoft's Virtual Private Networks (YPN) technology access your Company's Computer Services anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection with complete security and data integrity.
Migrate your Data to Internet-compatible Services.
Custom Databases from scratch or migrate your current data to more powerful systems including Web-based forms processing.

Do you or your clients have Network issues?

Have you ever wanted to provide Data Services to your Clients and customers.

I can create Web-based Database services quickly and easily either on your system or on my system.

I can demystify Data Services on the Internet to provide you, your employees, and your clients, business services without the fear and uncertainty of security problems.

I can gradually upgrade your services so that your company will not experience shock from changes in customary operations or interruption of services (it's also more affordable).

I can provide services to you with my systems or use your system including upgrading your current system or install new systems on your site.


Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

Web Services:

Web Database

  1. Custom Web Site Search Engines
  2. Web access to Platform-Independent Databases
  3. Communication Ports to non TCP/IP Databases
Domain Hosting with Web Logging Analysis and Reporting System
Records activity and user demographics. Shows not only how many visitors are using this site, but from where they come (user's server IP addresses), what attracted them, and what they are doing once they arrive to this site.
  1. Real-time logging
  2. Logging of single or multiple Web Servers simultaneously
  3. Post processing of historical data
  4. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support
  5. User-customizable filtering of incoming data
  6. Data is stored in an industry-standard SQL database
  7. Access information in demographic databases and present the data as multidimensional reports
  8. Visualize, understand and analyze complex data with multiple dimensions, such as company sales over time, by region, by product line, by sales agent, etc.
  9. Quickly create reports that identify trends and spot anomalies
Web Forms Processing -- Web Browser based
  1. Mailing Lists
  2. Guest Lists
  3. Order Entry
  4. Article and Document Entry
  5. Polls
  6. Point of Sale
  7. Voting and Polling
Web Calendars Server
  1. Automated Calendar Generation
  2. No HTML programming required
  3. Customizable "look and feel"
  4. Easy creation, maintenance and updating
  5. Drag and Drop Data into Calendars
  6. "Plug-ins" for client's platforms
  7. Runs on Macintosh, Windows 95/NT
Web Contact Manager Server
  1. Create Public or "Password Protected" Private Contacts
  2. Create and manage, remotely, Company phone directories
  3. Create Kiosk-like directories for public or private guide to Company personnel and services
  4. Organize contacts in the field for home office
  5. Dayrunners for field representatives
  6. Public and Private portfolios
  7. Create Fax records in the field for home office
  8. Share Contacts with other Public or Private users
  9. Search by Keyword
  10. Organize by Categories
  11. No HTML programming required

Web Page Design

  1. Digital Photography
  2. Digital Scanning
  3. Optical Character Recognition for document generation
  4. Professional Authoring and Technical Writing
  5. Database Integration
  6. On-line Catalogs with Search Engine
  7. QuickTime Movies
    a. Video
    b. 3D Virtual Reality
    c. QuickTime 3D generation
  8. Digital Real Audio
  9. Digital Image processing, generation and setting
    a. 3D Fonts
    b. 3D Computer Graphics
  10. Transparent GIFs
  11. GIF Animation
  12. Advanced Automated Table Generation
  13. Cloak HTML files to browsers
  14. On-line Voting and Polling
Web Application and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Research and Development
  1. Complete Application Development
  2. Scriptable interfacing
  3. Secure Socket interface
  4. SQL Database Interface
Microsoft Media Streaming Server

Custom Blogger

Email and List Servers:

A. ListServer mailing list discussion Groups
B. Automated Email-on-demand systems for distributing any kind of information
C. Sends and Receives e-mail
D. Automatically add and delete subscribers to mailing lists
E. Automatically forward mail to list members
F. Automatically reply to Email messages

  1. simple Email messages
  2. messages which include text and binary enclosures
Compile and send out a digest of the list discussions
  1. Generation of Table of Contents for the digest file
  2. Sending the digest to the list
  3. Save the digest in HTML
Independent SMTP host on TCP/IP network (for Internet Connectivity)
Administrate Remotely
Edit the address lists of a List Server from the World Wide Web
Send wireless pages to subscriber Pager Systems
Scriptable Rules Triggers

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Gopher Server Technology:

A. Support both Gopher and FTP connections.
B. Multiple simultaneous users.
C. Supports BinHex and MacBinary transfers, including the MACB command.
D. Supports Alias resolution for directories and files.
E. Allows log-in to other servers on the local networks.
F. Allows different formats of a file to be fetched.
G. Pattern matching in change directory command.
H. Individual initial directory and commands for any user.
I. FTP site descriptions sent after log-in.
J. Directory descriptions sent after CD command.
K. Supports the CatSearch feature to allow very fast volume wide searches.
L. Remote site access restrictions.
M. ISO international character translation
N. Allows setting of the owner, group and access permissions of directories.
O. Allows users to change passwords on all logged in servers.
P. Supports Scrambled & Two-way passwords.
Q. Supports process control (launching, listing or quitting applications).