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Superior's Steakhouse, contact:
The Owner/President: Robert (Bob) Kirchoff,, 5435 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, (225) 927-2022 (Cell 229-5435)
Local Owner/Secretary-Treasurer - Phillip (Phil) Royce Barbaree,, (Home) 11111 Heritage Oaks, Shreveport, LA, (Work) 116 Dalton, Shreveport, LA, (318) (Office 686-6662) (Cell 426-5381)
The Manager: Barry Gerald,, (Home) 417 Coventry Ct., Shreveport, LA 71115, (318) 797-9574, (Cell 393-3859), (Work 219-4123) (393-3859)

Superior's Steakhouse, 855 Pierremont Rd., Shreveport, LA 71106

Friendliness - Management's pants are on fire; lies to avoid management decisions or puts off conversation with clientele or business perspectives. Management lays steaming-turd-whopper lies right in your face. The Owner must know he lies. Dishonest Managers/Owners usually surround themselves with like-minded people, where competent Managers surround themselves with competent people; not this place. This place is incompetent. Management puts on fake friendliness obviously forcing it to try and impress clientele but in reality is snobby, bitchy, and deceitful, probably in the Closet. Maybe someday when they grow up they will get a real job. Manager acts like a Prima donna consistently egotistically exhibiting poor technical judgment making wrong choices and showing defective reasoning; the owner spent millions on the interior decor, and $39.95 on the Sound System, that does not work even though they will lie to your face that the sound is working fine. This explains the big investment in appearances but very bad sound system and out of tune piano. The piano is so out-of-tune a discriminating listener can not stand it.
Sight - Very elegant expensive-looking decor, but with glaring technical defects and poor placement of the piano in the corner. The place is trimmed in expensive wood paneling but they use Duct Tape to run wires across the paneling. TVs everywhere in Bar with no sound tuned to Fighting, Golf, and stupid ESPN shit with a TV directly over the Piano player showing NASCAR bullshit; very disrespectful to the Musicians.
Sound - PA is broken - Poor amplification of Piano and performers. Poorly installed equipment with obvious mismatch in performance capability. Manager has no clue or is lying saying there is no problem even when asked to repair the distortion and poor quality. The house background music is playing in speakers right next to the live performer; you hear both at once; more bad management. The Expensive piano is out of tune so badly and missing strings one can not tolerate the din. The management does not care. They get it tuned maybe once every two or three years despite it being played-hard 25 hours a week, never mind that it cost then $20,000 to put it in the corner of the room; more stupid shit.
Smell - OK, outdoor patio for smokers right next to the traffic.
Taste - Nice musically if you are sitting at the piano because that is the only place you can hear the music, piano consistently out of tune. Food is good but very expensive 3 prices too high to keep out the riff raff and pay for the expensive management and decor, poor location, very obscure.
Feel - It does not take many visits to become bored with the place because it offers no variety. Staff at times appears unhappy. Boring well-dressed alcoholics and gays. Many Gay Liaisons.

These are recordings of Winning Tuesday Meetings...Held every first Tuesday of the Month, 5:00 PM, at Superior Steak House, Pierremont and Line, Shreveport. LA. Come early to get a good seat.

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January-03-2006, Shreveport Mayor, Keith Hightower - Streaming Audio - wmv

December-06-2005, Shreveport First Responder to New Orleans and Resident of Ocean Springs, Miss. tell about Katrina - Streaming Audio - wmv

September-06-2005, with Kip Holloway on the Red River Revel - Streaming Audio - wmv

August-04-2005, with James Burton - mp3

August-04-2005, with James Burton Streaming Audio - wmv

July-05-2005, about Chimp Haven - mp3