"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950),
Irish playwright, Man and Superman (1903),
"Maxims for Revolutionists: Reason"

Why does civilization grow but does not progress? Perhaps the concept "progress" itself does not exist. All that actually happens is, as individuals, our ability to exercise innate capability becomes more accessible and less inhibited by the high cost of living. We are born with these abilities and they come with 'existence' in the world.

Available tools mark the milestones on the journey to civilization. Number one on the list of tools is energy utilization and resources, then number two, natural resources. You may ask yourself at this point, "Are not energy resources the same as natural resources?" No! Natural resources occur in the Earth. Their acquisition relies on mining, drilling, or harvesting fuels and minerals. Conceptualize natural resources as a Savings Account. All the deposits in this Savings Account made millions or billions of years ago. At present some deposits are being made but at a very slow rate. We (Humans) are withdrawing from this Savings Account more than a million times faster than the deposits.

Logic dictates that if you continually withdraw assets from your Savings Account eventually your assets will fall to zero. Without Income to balance expenditures, Bankruptcy. Energy Utility companies meter our (individual consumers) consumption and we pay for materials as real property, food and consumer products. Mass consumption seems to elevate our standard of living. Recycling our minerals is the life-blood of civilization. Any inhibition of the circulation strangles our vitality.

If civilization is to progress, we must wean ourselves from using our Savings Account and transfer to our Income. What Income? The Income of energy to the Earth.

All of Civilization runs on Energy Resources. The efficiency of utilization and recycling mandates the cost of living. Therefore, The Scale of Civilization is gauged on this efficiency. Currently this efficiency is 2.3%. All of Civilization with all that this entails have been developed with 2.3% efficiency. Thus by raising this efficiency we lower the cost of living and approach the unfettering of our innate capabilities. By only doubling efficiency to approximately 5%, all of humanity will receive all needs (Food, Shelter, Clothing). Raising the efficiency even higher will produce an abundance never before realized. Only the imagination can speculate on the bounty of an attainment. Maybe then our civilization can truly experience "Progress."

Our government institutions created by our forefathers and legislated into existence by our elected officials, have no project or program to relieve us from the shackles of energy fuels dependence. Any invention or industrial tool that increases the Scale of Civilization usually receives little or no support from government or industry. The "Engine" that powers our institutions, services the status quo. An elite set of Robber Barons leach the spirit of progress from the individual by requiring that we "pay" for consumption." This concept of doing business is a recent invention. Technology now exists that can relieve Civilization completely from all dependence of Energy Fuels, Nuclear Power, and Monetary Institutions. This technology is purchased and withheld from us by these Mega-Institutions. Profit is the motive. The harder we work and the busier we are, the less attention we will pay to the ever increasing ability to free ourselves from this very encumbrance. The false idea that you must "Earn a living" is a scheme perpetrated by our system of governance. Would you like to live in a world without bills and costs? It is now possible. Energy harvesting can and will do this. Unfortunately Energy Utility companies cannot put a Utility Meter on Income, just fuel.

The idea here is to increase your efficiency and reduce your dependence of utilities. What would happen if you had the tools to cause your Electric Meter to run the other direction, if you put electricity into the grid instead of put a load on it?

This is now possible. Find it, use it, have your legislators enact it. Turn off the flow of wealth to the Robber Barons and harvest energy from the Universe not the Earth.

Dear World Class Citizen: Dare to be naive.

The wherewithal to accomplish a design revolution in human accommodation is not on the tongues and minds of the people. This consciousness can only occur by direct experience. This involves cogent effort by our managers (government). We have the power to change the face of the landscape to a more productive and regenerative benignancy. It can only be done through a change in consciousness whereby all changes in the world of Human Affairs occurs.

During the Middle Ages there were a few people intensely involved in discovering and revealing the options of Nature that man calls General Principles. These discoveries are revealed to us (Mankind) through what we call Science. It shows us the Order of the Facts of Experience. Personal experience can be divided into two general areas. The one that takes up most of our everyday activity is the Human Affairs side of this cleavage.

Indeed this is the bulk of experience, most of our language; body, verbal, and artistic, deals with this. But we are creatures, corporeal and tied to the soil. This quality requires sustaining necessities of intensity and purity of investment. Without these necessities, continuation takes more and more time until the activities of foraging dominate our lives stripping us of innate capabilities.

A small part of experience allows us to describe the Real World. Unlike Human Affairs, Nature has immutable, weightless, size less, eternal, always-and-only, Laws that allow options like neutrons, daises, whales, bicycles, and galaxies to operate without any Law conflicting with another (interaccomodation).

The words we use to describe real world events are sequestered on a dusty and seldom used shelf at the top of the linguistics file. There exists also a hidden shelf containing linguistics that connect these different hierarchies of expression to give Science Consciousness. These words are used to describe observations.

Mankind has built great institutions whereby these Reports can be taught and reenacted to give the novice more prowess in solving problems. Our abilities in Problem Solving is the crowning creation, the separation of the species, the purpose of existence. Man has a Mind that deduces and apprehends.

So, why do several thousand Humans starve to death every day, most of them children.

If we scan the knowledge banks we come up with the general term, accommodation. This is an all encompassing word; accommodate what?

Nature has a great propensity for spatial freedom, just observe the outer reaches of space or the Antarctic. But these spaces are not for Man yet our very manifestation is poised amongst these voids and are just as important as Mother's womb. Insofar as reality has terrible hardship for the naked novice, there is the ball and chain of super violence, the economics of modern weapons, that sucks the life out of society making all of us hostages of a system that none of us can change. It is madness to have it and it is suicide not to have it.

This brings us to Technology, our tools. We have tools to improve our standard of living. Nothing wrong here. The problems of technology are due to poor management. Industry is simply a tool that takes more than two people to operate, if one drops a wrench on one's foot, one gets the desire to be more careful.

Today we've dropped a wrench on the whole planet.

WHOOPS! Wrong Planet.

Technology has hierarchies of throughput. The higher the information rate of throughput the shorter the delay of widespread use. Geostationary communication satellites are at the upper end and housing is at the lower end of the rate-of-interchange spectrum. Let's compare them.

A Communication Satellite weighs less than ten tons and uses about one hundred and fifty watts of power as electricity, takes about two to three years to build and costs about one hundred to one thousand man-years of labor. It can carry as much as 500 television signals or tens of millions of two way telephone signals. Compared to the sheer weight and cost of land lines and transoceanic cable, it's a big savings. The level of technology is the highest in industry. The materials are too advanced to mention. New technology - six to eighteen months delay for widespread use.

A HOUSE weighs tens of tons, takes about a year to build and costs about six man-years. It requires an incalculable amount of energy to produce, and transport, has thousands of custom made parts, used only once, has very few moving parts, conveys little or no information, and "goes up in flames " like a match. Its place on the technology scale is the lowest in modern industry. The materials used to build a modern house are dirt and wood. New technology - fifty years to one thousand years delay for widespread use.

Shelter is "The Necessity" allowing accommodation for all human existence. Yet where is the technology? It does exist but in a dormant and unexplored area of understanding called "enclosure systems" of which there are several facets. The strata of this understanding lies in "Spherical Geometry." This Science reveals the relationship Energy has with enclosure.

Harvest energy from the Universe not the Earth.

Examples abound.

The principles are sound and the technology is available off-the-shelf. If our government institutions helped home owners to finance these technical improvements our standard of living would improve remarkably.

Take 10,000,000 homes and outfit them with $10,000.00 worth of solar electric equipment. Since the power grid is connected everywhere, electricity generated in sunny Phoenix can be consumed in Detroit.

I have been watching a satellite program from San Francisco. While they were broadcasting live, they experienced a blackout and had to switch to their emergency generator. Let us install an emergency power generation system distributed across the rooftops of our nation.

The investment would be $100,000,000,000.00 and is renewable. This investment would last at least 10 years without the need for refurbishment and allow all of the homes and businesses, for instance, in the San Francisco Bay to operate without dependence on the Electric grid. The Bay area economy is greater than 100 billion dollars a week. If you have been paying attention to current news, you know that the power grid in California has been experiencing rolling blackouts because of the increased demand exacerbated by the high cost of 10 million year old natural gas, a fossil fuel. The investment above would delay the need for expanding the power grid there for at least 10 years giving the utility companies time to compensate for the non-linear demand problem. Think of the 10 million Solar Power cells on these homes as a very high frequency battery that adds backup to peak demand.

Another long term solution is more drastic but more effective. In middle school science class, students learn that the closer the load is to the source of power, the more efficient the transformation of that power. This is the case when you consider the conversion of tidal forces. These forces were set in motion before the formation of the solar system, and are the most abundant source of everyday energy income on earth. Tidal forces move over a trillion tons of water several feet up and down every day. Yes, I said trillions of tons, that is the number one followed by 12 zeros; 1,000,000,000,000. Lift a ton a foot and you have a foot-ton of energy, one trillion of these exceed the total energy Mankind uses on Earth in several weeks. If we were to harvest only a tiny fraction of this energy every day, that savings would allow the total reduction of fossil fuels to near zero. It may even be possible to generate enough electricity to provide a surplus of energy. This has never happened before. The result will produce unheard-of prosperity.

Why does the Federal Government continue financial support of antiquated technology to the tune of Billions of Dollars?

Every year there are disasters both Natural and man made. The man made disaster is the continued support by the Federal Government for the rebuilding of houses and other buildings that are prone for destruction by Natural disasters.

What do I mean by prone for destruction? The technology now exists to create dwellings that do not succumb to the destructive forces of Nature like current antiquated designs. The basic design of current Dwellings have not evolved much in 3000 years. They still consist of a box made of Wood and tacked and pasted together with Dirt (concrete) and pasteboard (drywall). Perhaps the only significant improvement in Dwelling technology in the past 3000 years is the joist hanger or the strut strap.

The technology in a $15.00 digital wrist watch is more highly evolved and well developed than an entire city of contemporary houses.

It is now possible to build a house without the high cost of labor and make it virtually indestructible to most of the common disastrous forces of Nature, all at a lower cost than a "Conventional House." This means that, for the same price as a "Conventional House," a home owner can have a larger dwelling space and higher quality dwelling.

The Federal Government needs a program to develop and standardize this technology. This technology will not only prevent the expenditure of Billions of Dollars, it will save hundreds, and possibly, thousands of lives every year.

The costliest and deadliest natural disasters are hurricanes. My new Dwelling technology can prevent and almost eliminate the widespread destruction and death caused by these killer storms.

Spend a few dollars now to develop and establish this technology and it will prevent the expenditure of millions of dollars later for disaster aid, never mind preventing all that pain and suffering of the victims of Natural disasters.

Only the Federal Government (with my help) has the means to accomplish this development.

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