This page is a record of those who have done me wrong, they should now make amends.
E-mail: jay(at)salsburg(dot)com

What goes around, comes around.

The images below is a local renter who threw rocks at my house. He is only 17 (in this Photo) but appears much older. I has a long arrest record. This picture was taken through frosted glass so it is a little fuzzy. He lived at 5205 Kent Ave. Shreveport, LA.

Magaret Rougeau
Transgression: Deceptive act which defrauded me in a Judgment of Succession for $10,000.00.
Deceptive act which defrauded me for $7,000.00 in the purchase of house.
Defamatory, disparaging and slanderous statements about me.

Gloria Ann Lewis
Transgression: Her son dupped the police to falsely charge me but did not show in court. Drives through my neighborhood at 4:00AM with a Loud Stereo and wakes me up over and over again.
SSN 439-98-5487
DOB 03/01/53
3853 Tate
Shreveport, LA 71109
318 636-7976

Carlos McKnight
Known Child Molester, Burgler and gang member.
Transgression: Disturbing the peace over and over again
2026 Corbit
Shreveport, LA 71108
Red Chevy Cavalier
LA Licence# JRE 382
White late-model Cadillac