Shreveport Clubs - Friendliness, Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Feel


Superior Grill, 6123 Line Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71106

Superior Grill is Bent Superior (Supernumerary) Grill is Bent

Friendliness - High risk of arrest. Management dishonest; lies (Pants on Fire). Floor Managers are stressed out jerks openly making fun of patrons, sometimes in a language other than English, with an unhappy appearance from excessive stress or dangerous mental conditions. Floor Manager not aware of the business relationship I had with the owner, demanded a blowjob from me in trade for not calling the Police when he did not approve of the way I was doing my job. I did not respond or return forsking a lurcrative business relationship. When I told the Floor Manager I was there at the behest of the Owner, he did not beleive me, or understand me since he was not American. I had been working there years longer than he. It only takes one such incident, this is one of those places where the Management bares false witness against patrons, or demands immoral favors to allow them to stay. They want out-of-towners to eat their double-priced fat-saturated meals, intentionally double-priced to alienate local patrons, especially Blacks. They do not like Blacks (many Arrests have occurred here)
Sight - Funky bar clutter, highly congested, difficult to maneuver. Bad Lighting, difficult to see musicians on tiny 6 inch high stage. Pathetic attempt to emulate across-the-border Mexico. TVs everywhere with no sound tuned to Fighting, Golf, and stupid ESPN shit with a TV directly over the Stage-performers showing NASCAR shit; very disrespectful to the Musicians.
Sound - PA broken - burned out speakers for years, mismanaged, and inadequate, sounding like a teenaged garage band. Bands are boring by default, only play cover tunes (demanded by the Owner). To the owner, the Band is just an Appliance in the corner to attract more clientele. Management has no sense of how to manage the sound system or entertainment. Many musicians will not play there because of the poor management and hostile conditions giving it a bad reputation amongst better musicians. Stupidly, the house sound system is playing piped-in Mexican music at the same time the band is playing so you hear both at once; more bad management.
Smell - After you leave your clothes and hair stink, you must go right home and take shower to wash off the smoky burned flesh smell.
Tastefulness - No taste; musically, culturally, and then there is the Food; loaded with fat and calories, often the meat is scorched and blackened. The same bands playing the same tired tunes over and over, night after night with no variety, if you hear them once no need to return, you will hear the same thing again every time.
Feel - It does not take many visits to become bored with the place. Illegal Aliens and recent Immigrants for Staff, frequently overturns indicating difficulty of work environment. The excessive crowding of tables and chairs indicates the owner is trying to maximize profits, with little regard to the comfort and convenience of the clientele. No Standing room. High traffic areas blocked by large potted plants and heavy metal chairs at the behest of the Owners. Many Alien minorities for Staff with little regard to local customs or language.

Superior Grill and Superior's Steakhouse, cautionary contacts:
The Owner/President: Robert (Bob) Kirchoff,, 5435 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, (225) 927-2022 (Cell 229-5435)
Local Owner/Secretary-Treasurer - Phillip (Phil) Royce Barbaree (Space Case),, (Home) 11111 Heritage Oaks, Shreveport, LA, (Office) 116 Dalton, Shreveport, LA, (318) (Office 686-6662) (Cell 426-5381)
The Manager: Barry Gerald (Covetous Moron),,, (Home) 417 Coventry Ct., Shreveport, LA 71115, (318) 797-9574, (Cell 393-3859), (Work 219-4123) (393-3859)
Pat Booras, do not contact Pat (a Depraved Indifferent Fool) you will regret it. 3515 Eastlake Dr., Shreveport, LA (Home) 869-1366. Punch in 3515 to get in.

Superior's Steakhouse, 855 Pierremont Rd., Shreveport, LA 71106

Friendliness - Management's pants are on fire; lies to avoid management decisions or puts off conversation with clientele or business perspectives. Management lays steaming-turd-whopper lies right in your face. The Owner must know he lies. Dishonest Managers/Owners usually surround themselves with like-minded people, where competent Managers surround themselves with competent people; not this place. This place is incompetent. Management puts on fake friendliness obviously forcing it to try and impress clientele but in reality is snobby, bitchy, and deceitful, probably in the Closet. Maybe someday when they grow up they will get a real job. Manager acts like a Prima donna consistently egotistically exhibiting poor technical judgment making wrong choices and showing defective reasoning; the owner spent millions on the interior decor, and $39.95 on the Sound System, which does not work even though they will lie to your face that "the sound is Perfect." This explains the big investment in appearances but very bad sound system and out of tune piano. The $18,000.00 piano is so out-of-tune with broken keys, a discriminating listener can not stand it, and the Musicians hate it.
Sight - Very elegant expensive-looking decor, but with glaring technical defects and poor placement of the piano in the corner. The place is trimmed in expensive wood paneling but they use Duct Tape to hold wires onto the paneling. TVs everywhere in Bar with no sound tuned to Fighting, Golf, and stupid ESPN shit with a TV directly over the Piano player showing NASCAR bullshit; very disrespectful to the Musicians.
Sound - PA is broken - Poor amplification of Piano and performers. Poorly installed equipment with obvious mismatch in performance capability. Manager has no clue or is lying saying there is no problem even when asked to repair the distortion and poor quality. The house background music is playing in speakers right next to the live performer; you hear both at once; more bad management. The Expensive piano is out of tune so badly and missing strings discriminating listeners can not tolerate the din. The management does not care. They get it tuned maybe once every two or three years despite it being played-hard 25 hours a week, never mind that it cost them $20,000 to put it in the corner of the room; more stupid shit.
Smell - OK, outdoor patio for smokers right next to the traffic.
Tastefulness - Nice musically if you are sitting at the piano because that is the only place you can hear the musician, piano consistently out of tune. Food is good but very expensive 3 prices too high to keep out undesirables and pay for the expensive management and decor, poor location, very obscure.
Feel - It does not take many visits to become bored with the place because it offers no variety. Staff at times appears unhappy. Boring well-dressed alcoholics and gays. Many Gay Liaisons.

Noble Savage Tavern, 417 Texas St. Shreveport, LA 71101, Owner/Operator, Chef Colby

Friendliness - Owner often hammered to the max exhibiting alcohol-induced psychosis, sometimes brandishing, waving, and firing his 45 Automatic while pointing it at clientele. He keeps his 45 Auto under his Chef's cloak. High risk of injury or death. Many old alcoholic bar flies with bad attitudes. Sometimes white college students visit in groups.
Sight - Three Pool tables in large room away from bar and Stage. Clientele must enter next to stage, a little awkward.
Sound - PA not much better than a toy. The musicians must bring their own PA to sound good.
Smell - OK.
Tastefulness - Sometimes the music is Nice. Food is mediocre. Chef Colby sometimes gets local hunters to bring in fresh game.
Feel - Look behind the Pictures on the wall and at the ceiling, the place is riddled with bullet holes where the owner and staff have shot up the place, I have been there when they were firing their weapons. Owner/Operator is scary and may be mentally unstable. Staff is friendly, but are sometimes carrying concealed handguns (ask yourself why).

Coyote's Bar and Grill, 1618 Market St., Shreveport, LA

Friendliness - If you are a substance-abusing Grunge Bicker or RUB, you are welcome and will be right at home here, otherwise you are taking a big risk visiting this place. The locals are hostile to male non-bikers and are suspicious about Narcs (ask yourself why). They will not call the Police if there is trouble.
Sight - Grungy but well lit interior spaces with women's underwear hanging from the fixtures. Poorly lit large outdoor area full of Bickers and their Hogs surrounded by high walls.
Sound - Mediocre Sound System, nothing special.
Smell - OK.
Tastefulness - Local Blues, Rock Bands, and karaoke nights. Sometimes has outdoor grill parties.
Feel -Scary, stoned, loaded, drug-laced Bickers. Staff is friendly but indifferent to the danger. High risk of injury or death.

Rockin Rodeo, 1003 Gould Drive, Bossier City, LA

Friendliness - Large crowds, high levels of noise make communication difficult. $5.00 cover charge of weekends. Off-limits to Military Personnel because of history of violence toward soldiers.
Sight - Low-light large spaces.
Sound - Two Dance floors, one for Country/Western, the other Hip Hop/Disco plus a separate Karaoke Bar. Big Sound System in Hip Hop area.
Smell - Severe, chocking Tobacco Smoke. Intense Blue Air stench, smell is very offensive. If you do not like smoke and bad air, do not visit.
Tastefulness - Canned music. Has had Concerts in the past but that was years ago.
Feel - Many young people in Cowboy Costumes. (Owned by New York Jews)

Lee's Liquid Assets, 600 block of East Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA (exact address is unavailable)

Friendliness - Older crowed, occasional bickers.
Sight - Dark, Poorly lit. Low ceilings.
Sound - No sound, band brings own sound, bands every night but Sunday.
Smell - Stinks, blue air loaded with cigarette smoke, must shower immediately after leaving to wash off the stench, don't go if you are wearing expensive cloths.
Tastefulness - Local Blues, Rock Bands, some nights canned music.
Feel - Low key, many old alcoholics.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 8870 Quimper Place (Behind Auto Mall on Bert Kouns), Shreveport, LA

Friendliness - Friendly and courteous.
Sight - Dark, poorly lit stage, in large air conditioned Patio with Video Projector for Sports events.
Sound - No sound, band brings own sound, bands every night.
Smell - Patio stinks of cigarette smoke, must shower immediately after leaving to wash off the stench, don't go if you are wearing expensive cloths.
Tastefulness - Local Blues, Rock Bands.
Feel - Low key, some college students.

Rustic Cowboy
12780 Mansfield Rd
Keithville, LA 71047

Smell - Stinks, blue air loaded with cigarette smoke, must shower immediately after leaving to wash off the stench, don't go if you are wearing expensive cloths.