Are you a Dominionist?

Joan Bokaer and Dominionism (as heard on The Infidel Guy)

The Infidel Guy

Joan Bokaer of Theocracy Watch

Click to view 2.4 Megs Arkansas Ex-Governer Huckabee puts his superstitious foot in his mouth and chews it figorously on National TV with millions watching. I need Botox injections so the fear will not show on my face when he blows up the world (because he heard god say it was OK just like W Bush).


Are you a Dominionist? You may be a Christian and even an active Evangelical who is actually a closet Dominionist.


If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be a Dominionist.


Do you believe in the Literal Truth of the Bible?

Do you aim to put God in charge of Government?

Do you want to reclaim America for Christ?

Do you want to take control of Secular Society?

Do you want to create a Christian Nation?

Do you believe the Book of Genesis defines the process of Creation?

Do you believe the Bible talks about the “Rapture?”

Do you believe unbelievers will befall torment in the Apocalypse?

Do you believe Christ is an avenger?

Do you have a Moral Agenda and want to impose it on everyone, whatever the means?

Do you believe children must be taught Creationism in School?

Do you believe, as an anointed Christian, you and your fellow believers should have dominion over our country and the World?

Do you give money to the purveyors on Television of the beliefs of the above?

Do you believe those who cannot answer yes to the above questions are nominal Christians?

Do you feel discussion of the legitimacy of the above beliefs is a force of Evil?


Those who may answer yes to the questions above embrace intolerance. The same fundamentalist mind set, Christian or not, has destroyed, held back, brought chaos, and closed off whole societies. This destructive mind set can be assigned to the Nazis, the Crusades, the current Islamic terrorists, and many more. These fanatics advocate violence to get their way and do not limit their deeds to gaining control of government to commit the worst behavior man has to offer; war.


The writers of Genesis, like the rest of the Bible, were not trying to teach us about the process of evolution or creation, they were trying to teach us about its purpose, this is the power and wisdom of the Bible which is about values, facts are left to Science. Dominionsts treat the Bible as a Scientific text book which does not work even if you selectively throw out whole sections that conflict with each other.