Holiday and Dixie Airshow
Barksdale AFB, Airshow, April 19, 1998

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Blue Angels

  Delta (2.5M)

  After Burn (1.5M)

  Delta Roll (1.7M)

  Flair (123K)

  Flair Out (746K)

  Flat By (254K)

  Gear Roll (2.4M)

  In Line (864K)

  In Line Roll (1.7M)

  Over Under Roll (196K)

  Roll By (268K)

  Round and Round (1.4M)

  Smoke By (296K)

  Spin By (328K)

  Up and Down (332K)


  B-52 (1.4M)

  Cobra Gun (660K)

  F-15 (2.2M)

  FA-18 (364K)

  F-19 (1.8M)

  Germans (632K)

  MPs on Duty (68K)

  Wart Hog (44K)

  Smart Bomb (356K)

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