Detection of Over-the-Horizon Thunderstorm Activity with the Naval Space Surveillance RADAR

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Just before 10:00 PM CDT, 08/12/2012, my Space RADAR receiver is very active. Recent information conveyed to me is now confirmed. This signature activity of frequent low amplitude events is Lightning reflecting from strong Thunderstorms between my receiver and the NAVSPASUR Transmitter.

My prior claim of a Meteor storm characterized by this signature activity was mistaken, it is a storm just not one from Meteors. Below is a Velecitygram taken during the above recording. Notice the frequent bright spots of activity along the 1150 Hz line, these are reflections from Lightning, they are also characterized by a vertical Hash of wide spectrum noise coincident with each bright spot. My receiver is picking up the reflected energy from the NAVSPASUR Transmitter and the electromagnetic pulse of the Lightning. The other 2 horizontal line below the Lightning events are reflections of "Space Debris" impacting the atmosphere moving away from the receiver, creating a reflection velocity lower in frequency.

Thunder Storm Activity

There is a super cell North of Dallas reflecting the energy from the transmitter. The sky is clear here and there is no hint of flashes on the horizon. In the past I have received lightning signatures as far away as 600 miles. This current Lightning is 180 miles away.