Observation Date/Time, July 30, 2012, 12:50 AM. At the time this Screen was captured on my NAVSPASUR Receiver, the Earth was moving parallel to the ground, plunging through space toward the Eastern Horizon. This motion causes some of the Meteors entering the Atmosphere above the Space RADAR to leave a Doppler trace indicating receding direction, away from the receiver. This is characterized by the significant Doppler Energy below the Carrier Frequency centered near 1050 Hz in the image. Ignore the wavy horizontal line it is local Electronic Interference.

All the vertical spiky traces are Meteors. Notice on the left of the image the four strong Metronomic Meteor spikes, and the simultaneous line with a slanted trajectory. Notice then the next single Meteor spike has a similar signature, with a faint trail coming from the first four. The next Meteor spike lasted several seconds registering the classic ringing sound of a long-lasting visible Contrail. Another of these long-duration Contrails is on the far right side of the image, also lasting several seconds. The long Meteor spike in the center of the image is displaying the signature of moving away from the receiver, or East to West, which is the opposite direction of Earth travel through space at the time of the recording.

The strong narrow V-shaped trace on the near-center right is the ISS moving between the NAVSPASUR Transmitter and my receiver.

Aquariid peak Meteor Activity