Pictures of Sean, in and around Laguna Beach, California, around 1980

Sean at 16, in this picture, he is a Junior in High School at Laguna Beach High School. He was working part time at Laguna Lumber. I met him the year before this photo was taken while we were body surfing at Crescent Bay. A very cool dude.

Sean with my Skimboard on Crescent Bay. The Seal was exhausted from a storm the night before. Notice the Ice-Plant on the reef behind Sean and the Sea-Moss at his feet.

Sean at home on LaBrea Street. Notice how the name of the street resembles the name of female glands.

Sean on the left with friends at Aliso State Beach. Notice how high the sand berm is above the water. This makes for waves that break directly on the shoreline for some of the best body surfing on the planet. The beach faces southwest so the August mid-winter storms in the southern hemisphere send unobstructed very smooth waves over 8 thousand miles to crash on this shore. If you draw a great circle on the globe across this beach, New Zealand will be in the direction this picture is facing, with Antartica on the left and Australia on the right.

Sean in Rick's Pool

Sean on my Skimboard on Crescent Bay