University of Irvine and my work there.

My lab bench. Notice the digitizing microscope on my right.

My lab computer. Notice the two PDPs and Laboratory instrumentation digitizers in the rack behind me and the lightpen graphics display on top of the terminal and the plotter beside them.

Front of the Amplifier I constructed which replaced $3500 worth of rack-mounted instruments. This device provided battery operated high quality amplification and parametric equalization of neuro-electrical activity.

Back of amplifier.

This is the Operating Room in the laboratory. Notice the wire shield on the marble slab behind me. The shield allowed the use of very high amplifation of the electrodes without interference from line noise, computers, test instrumnets, and recording aparatus. The amplifier above can be seen on the right side of the marble slab. The amplifier provided an input impedance of 10 billion ohms, and a gain of 100,000. The 24 db equalization curve rolled up at 300 Hz and down at 3000 Hz. The apparatus inside the cage is a Stereo Tax. On the hospital stand is an analog plotter. This setup is for implanting electrodes in the brains of laboratory rats. The operating cage facilitated real time monitoring the neuro-electrical activity while the rat is mounted in the Stereo Tax. The marble slab was to isolate the Stereo Tax from vibrations in the floor. On the right side of the picture is a Profusion bench.

Here is the result of a 12-day recording of the activity in the Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus of a rat's brain. These recordings proved that this area of the brain controls the Circadian rhythm., which has been long suspected as the source of the wake-sleep cycle biological clock. Notice at the bottom of the picture a picture of a clear plastic cage with the rat. I built and bedugged many of the electronic interfaces to the computer (seen above) which recorded the data for these charts.

Next to the Computer lab is the Auditory lab. I helped to create the custom instruments in the racks.

I helped to setup this Learning and Memory Laboratory. I created custom electronics seen in the top of the middle rack. Notice the Apple II computer.

I photographed these nettles near the UCI Campus. You can look at them but do not touch them.