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Here is some work I did on the Baton Rouge Tankcar Dome (BR Dome). I modeled it, using my Geodesic Math software, and FormZ solid modeler.

Got to http://www.s-e-u-l.org/SEUL/dome.html for more pictures.

This is an A/B comparison of the geometry. It is 32 frequency, Class II. Save the CAD images to your computer for full resolution viewing.

This photograph shows the Icosahedron Vertex at foundation/ground level just left of the door.

This is a similar perspective view from the photograph on the left of the Icosahedron Vertex. The truncation of the vertex is 2304 inches from the center vertical axis. Notice the similarity of the struts in the image to the elements in this CAD image.

Bird's eye view. These images will allow comparison with actual Ariel photographs.